Welcome to Natural Geekery!

I grew up gaming. I’m old enough to have had to color my 20-sided dice with a crayon.  My formative years were built around Dungeons and Dragons, Gamma World, Car Wars and Ogre. Later, I was fortunate enough to run a pretty cool game store for several years and during that time was able to organize a few one day game conventions.  I also have a lifetime love of the outdoors. I began hiking, camping, fishing and learning outdoor survival skills as a child.   The name of this site and the podcast come from a combination of my love of nature and all things game-related and "Geeky."

This blog and podcast has been more than 35 years in the making and I look forward to sharing my experience & to connect with new gamers and veterans alike. Along the way, I hope we can design new worlds, draw maps, build monsters, and, in general, have a great adventure as we share knowledge about this awesome hobby.