July 29, 2020

A Spark in Fate - Wild is Plus #1

A Spark in Fate - Wild is Plus #1

Join us as we use a pre-game tool called "A Spark in Fate Core" to get some initial worldbuilding in place before we start the game proper.  This episode riffs off the "sneak peak" in the previous episode and helps us get some initial foundations on the table for the world. 

A Spark in Fate Core is written by Jason Pitre and is a product of Genesis of Legend Publishing.  If you like the sound of it then go check it for free on Drivethru.RPG and check out their other products as well.

We are still looking for your stories about a beloved NPC.  Is there an NPC that the whole party loved or enjoyed having around?  A friendly Innkeeper, a mumbling town fool or a for-hire lackey that won over everyone's hearts.  Tell us their tale!  If you have a story (of any length) and don't mind us sharing it on the show, send it to us at the email below or contact us on the webpage, Twitter or Facebook.

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Intro and Outro Music - Nomadic Sunset by Alexander NakaradaThank you, Alexander, for providing some awesome free music!