Sept. 30, 2020

Anger Management - Wild Is Plus #10

Anger Management - Wild Is Plus #10

Hazzo and Ludyn make their way toward the barbarian encampment unaware of the prying eyes of Dark Fey or the dangers ahead on their path!

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Quick breakdown of the Mythic Rules change on this episode - For Yes/No questions we now roll 3d10.  2d10 are still used to determine the magic number of 11 or higher for a "Yes."  A 3rd d10 is used to roll for the Chaos Factor.  If this 3rd die rolls equal to or under the chaos factor then any rolls featuring, even, odd, or identical numbers can influence the answer AND/OR trigger a random event!

Sorry for any confusion in the rules correction! 
(Certainly explains the insanity up till now...)

Our Trello board for the game!
Trello Plot Board

Mythic GM-less Gaming from Word Mill Games
Mythic GM Emulator
Mythic Variations I
Mythic Variations II

Fate Resources
Fate Accelerated from Evil Hat
Fate SRD - A great resource for all things involving the Fate RPG!
Dungeons of Fate by Mike Shea
Auto Compelling Dice by Rob Donoghue

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Intro and Outro Music - Nomadic Sunset by Alexander Nakarada
Thank you, Alexander, for providing some awesome free music!