July 16, 2019

Beginning Gifts

Beginning Gifts

So, this is where we get started.  Come join me as I take my first step into podcasting and  talk about what I will be doing here, where I see it going and give you a glimpse into my passion for it.  Gaming came to me as a gift and has continued to shower me with amazing stories, people and events, both real AND imagined.  I'm hoping that this podcast allows me to give some of those gifts back.

You can find me on Twitter - @Coyoteguy
or email me at naturalgeekery@gmail.com

Blog post featured in this article - "How It All Started"
I have more posts over at the Natural Geekery blog.

Intro and Outro Music - Nomadic Sunset by Alexander Nakarada
Thank you, Alexander, for providing some awesome free music!